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The idea behind samename.com was brought about by my very own curiosity brought on by bad luck. About two years ago my wife Elaine entered her name into a national competition to win £10,000 that day. Well you know how it works you generally have a little hope and as usual don’t win and feel low for a while then forget all about it. Well I was just about to turn the TV off to go out when the draw for the money was announced and to my amazement my wife’s name appeared on TV from Scunthorpe” that was it we were off on holiday the lot. Anyhow I waited for the phone call, and waited and waited some more but nothing, so I took the decision to call the TV station and talked to the producer and they said the prize had already been claimed by someone with the same name as her in Scunthorpe, they asked for my post code and the worst was confirmed that the post code was not ours. What are the chances eh of having two people who’s names are identical in the same area. That got me thinking of how many other people may have suffered the same as us. Then I got to thinking of how many other people there are in the country that may have had their hopes shattered after hearing the very same name as there own read out as the winner. That is basically what sparked the idea of finding out a little bit about how many other people may share my name and wondering whether they know anyone who has the same name as them, whereabouts in the world they live, what they do for a living, what they look like and indeed whether they may be related.

The majority of people who buy a computer who are connected to the internet have at some time typed in their own name and searched on it to see what comes up.

Why not find out a little more about all your name sakes throughout the world and also get yourself registered to let others who may be as curious as you who you are and what you do. At worst you may make a friend at the other side of the world at best you may find a long lost relative!


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